27 Dez UX pocket kit

– Have a global strategy

Deliver products to your team of UX advocates. Strategy begins by opening up experience development to all roles, with weekly or daily collaboration sessions.

– Get ready to iterate

UX is a practise made up of specific disciplines, go back and forward in your workflow to assure the best results with clarity: 1 – Strategy; 2 – User research; 3 – Information arquitecture; 4 – Design.

– Find supportive collaboration

Increment project efforts and demonstrate better workflows to project stakeholders in a positive manner. Find success stories and tie UX artefacts to improve business processes.

– Share work-in-progress

Teams need to understand the process and approach from beginning to end. Business requirements should be respected but also created in a foster positive collaboration, be open and flexible!

– Always test with users

Use the research-driven product model to validate your research. A research findings report should be delivered to synthesise and report common insights.

– Use personas 

Discover patterns and create models based on groups. Refer to each persona when any decision is needed.