R100 Boxer Twins - RT custom

Zwei-R100 Boxer Twins ongoing -X- Project


Some say having my two (zwei) R100 boxer twins it’s an ongoing… madness. It all began with a BMW R100 RT custom project but then I bought a R100 RS model and… not sure exactly what I’m going to end up with.


R100 RS model

In 1977, BMW motorcycles product line moved on to the all new super sport model R100 RS with a full fairing. This sleek model, designed through wind-tunnel testing, produced 70 hp (51 kW) and had a top speed of 200 km/h (124 mph). The R100 RS had a shorter rear end ratio to overcome the higher wind resistance of the full fairing. Even back in the seventies BMW was battling the idea its bikes were just for old men. So it signed up professional stylist Hans Muth to create the ultimate sports tourer.

The fact that the R100 RS remains one of the most practical long-distance mounts to this day is testament to the brilliance of Muth’s wind-tunnel-designed, nine-piece, frame-mounted fairing. It transforms the underpowered boxer engine and conservative chassis into a serious touring package. The top speed of around 125mph was impressive, but it’s the ability of the R100 RS to maintain a 100mph cruising speed for hours on end that makes it a true classic.


R100 RT model

In 1978, the R100 RT model was introduced into the lineup for the 1979 model year, as BMW’s first “full-dress” tourer. The RT shares the same engine and chassis as the RS, but has a more upright riding position, with a larger fairing and screen, and came with pannier frames to suit Krauser luggage as standard.

The RS and RT fairings were very similar in appearance. However, the RS fairing was essentially a lightweight streamlining/protective shell and windscreen with no other functions, while the RT shell was heavier and had two “glove box” lockable compartments, ventilation louvres and an adjustable windscreen. The RT fairing was widely used for police motorcycles, with radio equipment in the fairing compartments.


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